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How We Become Who We Are

Posted on 2006.05.01 at 06:32
Almost all of the novels, plays, and poetry we have read provide some insight into what shapes peoples' identities and lives. In this space, discuss how this year's reading list might help us answer the question "how do we become who we are?" Our reading list has included: Things Fall Apart, Oedipus Rex, Pygmalion, Tale of Two Cities, Lord of the Flies, Kim, and selected poetry (I suppose you could also mention A Muppet Christmas Carol, too!)

Oedipus Rex

Posted on 2006.01.29 at 22:35
After reading each of the sections of Oedipus the King assigned in class, take a moment to consider the reading and then post your thoughts or questions to our online discussion. Sophocles' classic tragedy poses the questions: do we each have a predetermined fate waiting for us? Is our fate unavoidable, or can we change it? Is Oedipus' doomed to his fate from the moment he is born?

You will be expected to post to the website at least 3 times by February 6th.


Posted on 2005.12.13 at 22:29
As you read Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw over the winter break, take some time to check what people are saying about the play, and to add your own thoughts. This is also a good place to ask questions: is something unclear in the text? Do you want to see if other students share your opinion?

Some things you might consider:

Are there connections between this play and the other texts we've read in the course?
What does the play add to our sense of the society/culture of England?
Does the way we speak really say that much about who we are?

NOTE: Please state your name in the "subject" field or at the end of your post!